Claim compensation

Here you'll find information about applying for compensation after a patient injury. Some of the web pages are not available in English.

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What is required to receive compensation?

19 April 2012

Four conditions must be fulfilled.


Can I claim compensation?

17 January 2014

This web page is not available in english.


Forsinket diagnose av kreft

28 January 2014

This web page is not available in English.


Should you report your case to NPE or the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision?

19 April 2012

We find that many patients express a wish to ensure that no one else will experience what they have been through and that NPE should see to it that the doctor concerned receives a warning or a reprimand. This type of assessment and feedback to...


Treatment abroad

19 April 2012

Generally, claims for compensation following injuries caused by treatment abroad should be directed to the institution providing the treatment.