Digital mail

As a rule, we send and receive mail via a digital mail service. Here you can find useful information about digital mail at NPE.

Print Bokmål | Nynorsk | 21. February 2017

Those who already use digital mail
Those who already have a digital mailbox will receive letters from us via this mailbox. You can also respond to us via the digital mailbox. You can find us by entering "Norsk pasientskadeerstatning" in the recipient field when creating a new letter. (Please do not enter the name of the claims handler as the letter would be sent to a private mailbox).

We ask that you please send letters and documents in Word or PDF format.

You can be notified of letters in the mailbox via e-mail and SMS, ensuring that you are always up to date when new mail arrives. You can turn on notification via "Settings" in your digital mail account. We recommend doing this if you have not already done so.

Those who do not yet have a digital mailbox
We encourage everyone to create a digital mailbox. This allows you to communicate with us in a secure and efficient manner. Claims handling is also quicker, as we do not have to wait for the post and scan documents.

If you do not have a digital mailbox, letters will be sent in a white envelope without NPE logo via ordinary mail, but the envelope window will show that the sender is NPE.

Why do we want to use digital mail?
All government agencies are required to start using digital mail by Q1 2016 and the switch to digital government mail is fully under way. E-mail is not considered an adequately secure channel for sending information relating to patient claims.

When you use Digipost or Eboks, your identity is verified via BankID or Buypass, which satisfies the security requirements for digital mail.

Professional parties cannot receive mail from us by digital mail
Unfortunately, there are limitations to our claims management system. Professional parties such as solicitors, the Health and Social Services Ombudsman, Norsk Pasientforening (patient association) and treatment locations cannot currently receive mail from us via digital mailbox. Such parties will receive physical mail via the printing service.

Read more about digital mailboxes and create an account