Vision and values

NPE attaches great importance to quality and specialist knowledge. We wish to make it clear that our focus is firmly centred on the patient at all stages of our casework.

Print Bokmål | Nynorsk | 3. May 2012

NPE's vision and values

Our vision: Focus on the patient

Our values: Considerate, informative and quality-aware

In our work, we seek to be:

Considerate – We will meet patients with openness, understanding and respect. We will provide personal and individual assistance and follow-up. We will demonstrate our trust in the patient, so that the patient is assured safe and confident.

Informative – We will work actively to inform the public about the patient injury scheme. Our activities must be visible, easily accessible and well known. Our communication with patients, the health service and others must be good and constructive.

Quality-aware - All levels of the organisation must be characterised by openness, expertise and efficiency. This will ensure that patients receive swift and correct outcomes.