Collective agreements that have been entered into

Here you can find an overview of the associations that have entered into collective agreements with NPE. If you are covered by a collective agreement and have questions about registering, we ask that you contact your association.

Print Bokmål | Nynorsk | 29. March 2017

NPE has signed collective agreements with the following associations: 

bilde av logo norsk tanntekninger forbund


  Norges Tannteknikerforbund


    logo norske fotterapeuters forbund



 Norske Fotterapeuters Forbund




Norsk Manuellterapeutforening


bilde av logo norsk kiropratikerforening



Norsk Kiropraktorforening


bilde av logo Norges optikerforbund

Norges Optikerforbund


Bilde av logo apotekerforeningen






 Norges idrettsforbund

The agreement between NPE and the Norwegian Pharmacy Association is based on the pharmacies signing up voluntarily by entering an affiliation agreement with the Association. The affiliation agreements are handled by the Norwegian Pharmacy Association.