If your enterprise ceases to trade or if you no longer offer private healthcare to patients, you will no longer be required to pay contributions to NPE. It will then be important to de-register your enterprise from the contribution scheme. Here, you can read more about what you need to do.

Print Bokmål | Nynorsk | 6. January 2021

  • If the de-registration applies to the whole of 2021, it is important that you set the expiry date to 01.01.2021 (otherwise, the date on which the last patient treatment took place in the private health service should be registered).
  • Remember that the termination date must be set to the last day of patient treatment in the private health service when you de-register.

De-registration from the contribution scheme must be completed within one month of discontinuation or changes to the enterprise. This is done using the Altinn form for de-registration. You can find a link to the form in the box on the right.

Only enterprises that have ceased trading during the calendar year can be reported using the de-registration form. If trading ceased in a different year, you must send us an e-mail, stating the reason. You will find the contact details in the box at the bottom of the article.

You can only give notice of cessation for all health personnel groups in the enterprise collectively. If only certain health personnel groups cease operating, this must be reported using the form for changes/updates.

  • You will find a link to this form on the page with information on updating.

Reasons for de-registration

There could be a number of reasons why an enterprise is no longer required to pay contributions to NPE. There is a drop-down menu in the de-registration form, where you need to select the reason for de-registration:

  • retired
  • clinic/practice sold
  • entered into 100 percent agreement concerning subsidy/authorisation
  • become an employee
  • organisational changes
  • registered via another enterprise/joint registration
  • registered under a collective agreement
  • leave

If you select ‘leave’ as the reason for de-registration, you must e-mail us, stating the length and nature of the leave. You will find contact details in the box on the right.

Organisational changes

In the event that the organisational form is changed, the previously registered enterprise must be de-registered using this form. You must register the new enterprise electronically using the registration form in Altinn.

  • You will find a link to the form on the page with information on registration.

You must also notify us by e-mail and state the new organisation number. You will find contact details in the box on the right.

Changes to the organisational form during the year cannot be reported until the following January, but must be reported before the notification deadline of 1 February.

Reimbursement of paid contributions

In the event of de-registration during the first half of the year, we will refund half a contribution. No reimbursement will be paid if de-registration takes place during the second half of the year.

If your enterprise is entitled to a partial refund for contributions, it is important that we have the correct account number. The account number must be entered in the Altinn form (this form is a secure way of communicating with us).

Retention of records following de-registration

Patients are entitled to submit claims to NPE for several years after treatment has been provided. To make it easier to obtain medical records relating to a claim for compensation, we will need to know where the enterprise’s records are kept after the enterprise has ceased trading. It is important that you provide this information in the de-registration form.