New contribution rates for 2016

From and including 01/01/2016 NPE contribution rates will increase for parties in private health service. You can read more about the new rates here.

Print Bokmål | Nynorsk | 29. March 2017

Background to the contribution scheme
Private health services became part of the patient injury scheme in 2009. At the same time, a contribution scheme was established to cover the costs for patient injury claims originating from this area. This scheme ensures that patients who are injured due to incorrect treatment receive the compensation they are entitled to. NPE considers claims for compensation and administers the contribution scheme.

The compensation scheme must be self-financing
The parties in the private health service must completely cover the costs associated with patient injury claims from this area. They have a duty to pay contributions to NPE to cover all future costs (administrative procedure, solicitor assistance and any compensation) linked to injuries that may have arisen in the year concerned. Several years may pass before all injuries occurring in a specific year have been fully processed. It is therefore necessary to have a fund with adequate capital to cover any future obligations.

The contribution rates are, among other things, calculated based on frequency of injury, extent of injury and compensation payments within different healthcare personnel groups.

Updated contribution rates as of 1 January 2016
The Ministry of Health and Care Services has determined new contribution rates for the private health service. The changes have been made to ensure adequate capital in the fund to cover the costs of patient injury claims from this area.

The rates will apply from 01/01/2016 and will form the basis for the invoicing of contributions for 2016.

We would like to remind you that all new enterprises in the private health service have a duty to register with NPE. The registration deadline and the deadline for reporting any changes to enterprises that are already registered is 01/02/2016.