Who can apply to NPE for compensation?

Here, you will find information on who can apply for compensation and on using a proxy and a lawyer.

Power of attorney

Here, you will find an example of power of attorney.

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Patients themselves can apply to NPE for compensation. However, the treatment provider cannot report cases.

In order for patients to apply for compensation, they must be able to give their consent for us to collect data and investigate their case. This is known as ‘capacity’. If a patient does not have such ‘capacity’, a guardian must be appointed; see www.vergemål.no. The guardian must fill in the application form.

Is anyone other than the patient entitled to compensation?

The general rule is that no one other than the patient will be entitled to compensation. In rare cases, we may still be able to reimburse a loss that someone else has incurred over a short period of time. In this case, the person concerned must have close links with the patient and what has happened.

If someone else has sustained a personal injury as a result of the patient’s injury, they may in some cases be entitled to compensation. One example of such a situation is where a patient contracts an infection while being treated at a hospital, and then infects their spouse. Another example is where a patient dies in a very dramatic way, causing a close relative to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


If a patient dies, their heirs can apply for compensation. If a patient dies while their case is being processed, the heirs can opt to continue the case in order to recover their own expenses attributable to the death. This could for example concern funeral expenses.

It is also possible to apply for compensation for loss of provider.


In some cases, the patient may want another person to apply for compensation on their behalf. The patient can then be represented by a proxy, who must have power of attorney.


We will not normally require power of attorney if the patient is represented by a lawyer.