Administrative procedure

Here you will find information about the administration period, how the administrative procedure is carried out and the use of specialists.

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My page

If you have applied for patient injury compensation from us, you can follow your case on My page.


Administration period

Here you can see the average time it takes for the administrative procedure to be completed.


The administrative procedure, step by step

Here you can read more about the administrative procedure, from the time that we receive the claim form until the case has been fully processed.


Use of experts

We rely on relevant expert assessments to make the right decisions concerning our cases. How are experts chosen, what constitutes a good expert assessment, and when might it be appropriate to make use of foreign experts?


Appealing the decision or reopen a claim

Here you can find information about how to appeal a decision. You will also find information about reopening a claim.



Her finner du interne fagnotater fra juridisk avdeling i NPE. Notatene er en veiledning til saksbehandlerne om hvordan vi forstår og praktiserer regelverket innenfor forskjellige temaer.



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